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  • Worldtech WT-BW_HB055E Bottle Warmer Milk Warmer, Multi-functional: Heats up, keeps warm, sterilizes (Green)

    • 220-240V AC,50/60Hz,500W
    • It heats two bottles at one time
    • Multi-functional: Heats up, keeps warm, sterilizes.
    • Steam warming system prevents hot spots
    • It heats baby bottles, baby food jars uniformly and quickly
    • Safe and gentle warming that preserves the vitamins and nutrients of milk
    • Designed for use with any bottles and jars
    • BPA free and food grade material
    • Easy-to-use touch switch with insert PCB
    • Illuminated screen displays time, temperature data and current cycle
    • Note: Any product information and technical specifications are specified and verified by the Manufacturing Company. May not correspond with the actual features of the product due to production factors. Distributor cannot confirm the said information.
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